At Harlequin School of Dance we teach many styles of dance following The American association of Dance.


This style encompasses all the upbeat funky styles of today. The music ranges from fast paced, beat driven, rhythms to the Jazzy tunes from past and present Theatre shows. This subject gives the dancers a chance to express themselves to many different styles.


This subject is every little girls dream….. TuTu’s Tiara’s and Tippy toes. Ballet is a beautiful subject to learn and it is the basis of all other dance subjects. It teaches the dancers poise, stamina, strength and flexibility. It also encourages all dancers to be able to interpret music through movement.


Our feet are musical Instruments and often very loud!! American Tap is based on the styles made famous by people such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. A clever form of Dance.


The dancers all learn how to bend and stretch. Starting with a basic forward roll or a bridge- with dedication and perseverance the dancers will achieve tricks in groups or with partners as well as being able to show tricks such as splits, hand walks and different styles of contortion work.

Lyrical/ Contemporary

A beautiful balletic form of dance, which is combined with strength and self-expression. The music used is usually softer and allowing for expressive fluid movements.