At Harlequin School of dance, I take great pride in the schools’ achievements. From walking through the door on their first day every single child is encouraged to build their confidence and ability in dance, this will then lead to all sorts of opportunities in the future.

Some of our dancers want to take this hobby a little further, if I feel that they have the ability and are ready, then an invitation to join our Competition Class will open up a whole world of opportunities. Children will improve their performance skills and then, learn dances – duets, trios and troupes to perform in shows and competitions. We will attend two local competitions each year. There will also be the opportunity to take part in larger competitions further afield with our competition troupes. Travelling to London, Blackpool, Derby and Birmingham we perform in some of the most prestigious theatres in England.

​All of our dancers are encouraged to take subject exams – these have all sorts of benefits but for those dancers that want more – the exams can aid them in the future. We are part of the American Association of Dance (A.A.D.), their exams include Teaching Qualifications in every subject and with hard work the students can work for their student teacher grades from as young as the age of 15. I can also give the girls teaching experience within the dance school.

Each year the A.A.D. hosts a Scholarship competition for their dancers across the country. Working in heats down to the last few children awards are given, but the ultimate winner will receive the A.A.D. annual scholarship and have their dance fees paid for a year.

At this time dance and the creative arts are given a lot more credit in mainstream school. Children are able to take a GCSE in dance and move on further to A Levels and still further to University to study Dance and Performing Arts If those children have had dance as a hobby they are in a privileged position and usually end up with wonderfully high grades – I cannot help just being a little proud when one of my students gain a GCSE in dance.

There are many opportunities for a career within the dance discipline – the most wanted - is to perform. I will help the students choose the Stage School that best suits them, and give advice and help with audition preparation.

As you can see – what starts as a small childhood hobby can lead to the start of a wonderful career. I promise to give your children all the help and guidance they need to enjoy the world of dance.