My name is Adele and dancing has been a way of life for me since my mum took me to my very first dance lesson at the local church hall…. Many years ago!!!! Neither of us realised that this hobby would grow into a dance career, performing in England and abroad and then further into establishing and running my own dance school and watching young children starting on their own dance journey.

​I studied with the American Association of Dance and gained my teaching qualifications with them. At the age of 16, I successfully auditioned for the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London. I took further exams with other dance associations, developed my singing and studied the LAMDA syllabus. All of this helped me to live my dream and after leaving stage school I danced professionally for a number of years. I realised that I might want more when I was given the chance to choreograph various shows. I decided then to open my own Dance School.

The doors to Harlequin School of Dance opened on Saturday 6th March 1998 with a total of 14 students, and we have steadily built up pupil numbers through reputation.

The first few years, although hard, were really exciting. We entered students for their very first dance exams and performed at various charity events.

In 2001, the entire school produced and presented its first show at the Solihull Library Theatre. We had such a fantastic time that we now go back every two years to perform a show. This is a major highlight in our Calendar.

Harlequin School of Dance now has over 100 students, and I am supported by a valued team of people.

Kerry shares the teaching with me and we also have
Assistant teacher - Annabella.
Student Teachers - Ashleigh, Emily and Ellie
Teaching Assistants - Maisie, Frances and Georgia.

Assistant teacher Abi has now moved away to pursue her own career at a Dance College, but we make sure she comes to help when visiting home.

All of the teachers are totally dedicated and have been with me since they started dancing and all of them will use dance when making a career.

Chris and Caroline are responsible for the administration and accounts.